Time to step back and reflect and say THANK YOU to all who have supported BIG O …

Time to step back and reflect and say THANK YOU to all who have supported BIG O Speedway this past year. Yes, one year has gone by under the new ownership and many changes have taken place. We want to say thank you to all who has supported the track to continue to provide a fun and safe venue to race and a means of entertainment to all. It is heartfelt to reflect on the contributions from everyone…from the racers, fans, workers, contractors, sponsors, family and friends and many more. As we continue to improve from day to day and will never stop …we say knowing words are not enough…THANK YOU!

Also, I want to reflect on some positive feedback we recently received. It’s nice to know we are doing good as we continue to push forward. ❤️…………

“If you could I don’t do face book but I’m Cameron’s dad in the 04 car that crashed 2 weeks ago if u would please tell everybody that stepped up thank them so much I guess ur photographer done a post the night it happened and 5H contractors Steve cherry skyler McFarland were all great thanks to u all.”

“Just We wanted people to know how much it touched our hearts on Facebook so they get more appreciation it was truly wonderful.”

“…thank y’all you go above and beyond to make these races possible for every body.”

Thank you Cameron’s Dad and glad he is doing good. We appreciate the positive feedback and the continue support.


BIG O Speedway Team

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