Some reminders regarding saturdays event:…

Some reminders regarding saturdays event:

1) no UMP registration the remainder of the season. You asked for it, it's here. Your entry fees are simply:
Pit: $35 per person
Car fee: $10 per car if not registered
*note: Big O races every weekend through the end of October. You can register your car for $40 still and save money if racing the rest of the season.

2) buyin for the Rundown portion of the night is a seperate $10 and to be paid in cash at the Hornets drivers meeting immediately following the regular drivers meeting.

3) pretech will be either at the scale in the infield or just off turn 3. Watch for notices.

4) pit announcements can be found by listening to radio station 97.7

5) Raceivers are REQUIRED


1st $1000
2nd $500
3rd $250
4th $125
5th $75
6th $50
7th $40
8th on back $30

$1000 to win is for +20 cars
11-19 cars is based off 2nd place payout
1-10 cars is based off 3rd place payout.

Thanks to Jim Moon & Bridget Moon for giving us this opportunity. Let's be sure to show them and the crowd what our cars can really do.

Give'em hell

Rabid Motorsports

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