📣Last seasonal race for the year‼️
📣7 classes that will put on the most exciting races in Northern Texas‼️

🚨ATTENTION DRIVERS – please message the page if you are participating in the candy call. We would love to have a big turn-out for the kids‼️ Plus hopefully all will be in costumes for the costume contest‼️

🚨ATTENTION ALL MECHANICS AND LADY RACERS – you must register at the pit building if you are participating in the mechanic or powder puff races. Otherwise you will not be allowed on the track.

🚨ATTENTION OUTLAW STREET STOCKS – courtesy of Sunoco IM Racing Fuels:

Feature winner – Fuel Jug and a $100 bonus for winner with a receipt for fuel from Sunoco IM Racing Fuels dated this year. (See Sunoco rep that night)

If 10 cars or more the 10th place finisher gets 5 gallons of fuel. (See Sunoco rep that night)

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Stay tuned around 3 pm today!…

Stay tuned around 3 pm today! 💃🏁 Source