BODY: Any American made stock passenger car body on a stock unaltered full frame, or Chrysler & Ford unibodies.  No Camaro, Mustangs, or Station Wagons.  Stock appearing aftermarket plastic nose piece can be drilled for air but not extended with any type of material.  Tail pieces with no holes are allowed. Rear of car must be sealed off, no exposed fuel cell. No spoilers (even if factory equipped), wings, skirts, valiances, air scoops, hood scoops, or anything that alters stock appearance. Bodies cannot be moved from the original body mount rubber bushing no more than +/- 1” cannot be less than 5 ½” from ground. A front visor is allowed on the windshield area MAX 7 inches. No side or rear window visors allowed.  Sunroofs and T-tops must be reinforced and enclosed. No nerf bars. Maximum one inch wide by two inch tall steel or lexan rub rails allowed – bolted flush to body. All glass, plastic, upholstery, lights, mirrors, and trim must be removed. Cars must be stock appearing. No cutting, channeling, shortening, or modifying of body is allowed. No excessive trimming of fenders or hoods allowed, No drilled holes allowed in hoods for air supply, must maintain stock OEM appearance. All doors, fenders, and window openings must remain stock appearing and OEM dimensions and be the same on both sides. No straight slab sides. No enclosed interiors, or decking allowed. Front edge of rear deck cannot be more than 8” forward of center of rear-end and must have at least 2” continuous drop from front to rear. Rear of dash can be no more than 35” from the center of the distributor or 28” from back edge of the center of stock hood. Original OEM front and rear firewalls must remain in stock location.  The front firewall must match the frame used, and the OEM mount must be visible.  Firewall must be full and complete. Interior must be completely sealed off from engine, ground, and trunk.  Cars must have a complete stock OEM steel roof mounted in OEM location and OEM rake and angle for model.  All openings should be covered as to isolate the driver, subject to track approval. Racecar body should be maintained in such a manner as to keep a presentable appearance.

If not OEM body.  Any steel or aluminum fabricated bodies must add 50lbs. in front of motor.

FLOOR PAN:  OEM floor pan may be cut 6” behind front OEM mounts in a straight line across to the other side and be replaced using steel fabricated floor pans made of 18 gauge metal or minimum of .049” thick steel securely welded to the frame. Must remain flat, OEM appearing from frame rail to frame rail, no higher or lower than frame rail with the exception of a maximum tall 8” drive shaft tunnel and similar to OEM tunnel in size.  Interior must be completely sealed off from engine, ground, and trunk.  If you choose to fabricate the floor pan to the above specs, there will be a 10lb weight penalty accessed in front of the motor.  If you run a fabricated floor pan and fabricated body total weight required in front of the motor is 60lbs.

FRAME:  Frame must be full and complete.  Cannot be Widened, Narrowed, Shortened, Lengthened, or be Cut, Bent, or Altered to change Suspension Brackets.  Rear of frame behind upper shock mounts may be replaced with round, square, or rectangular tubing.  Cannot narrow right rear frame for tire clearance. No frame alterations allowed.  All Bars forward of cage must be lower than the hood.

 BUMPERS: Stock type rear bumper required, a fabricated front bumper may be used with the following conditions: cars with aftermarket nose pieces– the bumper may extend past frame rails for support and reinforcement.  Must be behind nosepieces. Cars without nosepieces– the bumper may not extend past front frame horns. NO SHARP EDGES. Must have a minimum of 5/16th diameter chain welded to front and rear of car with the design so tow truck can attach to them.

 ROLL CAGE: Minimum four-point cage, minimum size 1 ½ “O. D. by .095” wall thickness.  Minimum three bars in driver’s side door, and two bars on passenger side door (three bars if passenger in car). Four-point quick release seat belt and harness required for driver and passenger. Racing seats required. Must have window nets and firesuit for driver and passenger.  Must have at least three bars in front of driver and passenger in windshield area.  Window nets mandatory for both driver and passenger.

 ENGINE: Must be stock for the make and model except no 400’s or larger small or big blocks.  Cast piston only, Chevy must use 4 equal valve relief pistons. OEM crankshaft only- cannot be lightened. No aerowing, bullnose, knife edge, undercut or drilling of second or third rod throws. OEM steel Connecting rods only must remain stock OEM length, weight and shape. No lightening of any parts. Aftermarket water pump, mini starter, pulleys, harmonic balancer and oil pans okay. Aftermarket power-steering pumps okay. Metric cars may run a 350. NO stroking or de-stroking. Engine height and setback must be in stock location +/- 1”.  GM metric frame center of fuel pump must be located a minimum of 1 ¾” in front of unaltered cross member.  Solid motor and transmission mounts okay. Maximum cranking compression 175lbs. (ignition off, engine turned over 5 times). Oil pans must have at least 1” inspection hole with nothing inside of inspection hole blocking inspection scope from seeing rotating assembly.

 CAMSHAFT, VALVETRAIN, AND CYLINDER HEADS: Hydraulic cam and flat tappet lifters only.  .447 maximum lift at valve or .298 lobe lift at cam.  Must maintain 14” of vacuum at 1200 rpm. 1.94 maximum intake valve diameter, 1.50 maximum exhaust valve diameter on Chevrolet engines. No hollow valve stems. Stock size and shape valve springs and retainers. Stock length and diameter pushrods only. Stamped steel 1.5 rockers on Chevy, 1.6 on Ford and Chrysler, NO roller tips. Open chambered heads only, must be unaltered, O.E.M. NO porting, polishing, or gasket matching allowed. The only GM head numbers allowed are 14079267, 3986336, 3986339, 3986339X, 3986388, 3932441, 376445, 3928454, 3932454, 3876487, 3973487, 3973487X, 3973493, 3951598, 468642, 330862, 333882, 3998920, 3998991, 3998993, 3998997, and 3970126. Screw in studs and guide plates ok. 305 engines may use 305 heads (no vortec).

CARBURATION AND FUEL SYSTEM:  Cast Holley 4412 -2 barrel only. Must be unaltered.  NO screw in air bleeds, NO powder coating, or any modifications.  Choke plate may be removed. 4412 must be cast into choke horn of carb. Maximum spacer and adapter 1” combined total. Fuel pump must be in stock location for make, NO electric pumps or fuel injection even if factory equipped.  NO fuel pressure regulators, NO fuel bypass systems, or any cool can devices.

 EXHAUST: Stock unaltered cast iron exhaust manifolds only no porting or grinding allowed. No welding exhaust pipe to manifolds or modifying OEM exhaust flanges. No Chevy center dump, Corvette, marine, Lt1 or tubular steel type manifolds. No adaptors between head and manifold must be able to use all OEM exhaust bolt holes in head. No two into one exhaust or x pipes must remain duals.

 INTAKE MANIFOLD: Stock OEM unaltered aluminum or cast iron intake only. No aftermarket or stock high performance or high rise. No bowties. No porting, polishing, cutting or gasket matching.

TRANSMISSIONS: Any stock type automatic or manual. Automatics must have stock appearing working 11” torque converter cannot be smaller with ring around it. No direct drives. Transmission Cooler ok.  Manual must have single disc 10.5” clutch, flywheel and pressure plate must be steel, minimum 15lb steel flywheel. No mini clutches. Steel drive shafts only must be painted white and have a loop 6” from front u-joint.

 FUEL: Pump or racing gas only. No methanol allowed.  No additives or smells. Fuel cell must be secured in trunk any part of fuel cell cannot be forward of any part of rear end.  Fuel cell must be visible for inspection purposes from the top through a removable stock appearing trunk lid.

 SUSPENSION: Front and rear suspension must be stock unaltered OEM for that make and model of frame, ball joints, spindles and all components.  Lower control arm bushings OEM design only and cannot be steel, aluminum or grease able type.  No air shocks. No alterations to any part of the suspension or frame will be allowed. May run IMCA type upper control arms 8” or 8 ½” length only. Sway bars must be stock for make and model mounted in OEM mounts. No suspension stops of any kind.  Shocks must have stock type rubber ends, must be mounted in stock location on frame with no control arm and rear-end.  Cannot space shocks up or down. No bulb-type, threaded body, coil-over, or remote reservoir shocks. No external or internal bumpers or stops. No Schrader valves on shocks. All shocks must collapse at any time.

SPRINGS:  Maximum length of rear springs 14” tall free height and both sides must be equal and in stock location.  No spring rubbers, no adjustable weight jacks of any kind, and must sit in unaltered top and bottom stock mounts.

 BALL JOINTS: May run aftermarket ball joints but must be stock OEM dimensions. Rebuildable ball joints ok.  

 REAR END: Stock rear-end for make and model no modifying axle bearings or length. All brackets, control arms, and shock mounts must be in stock location. All trailing arm bushings must be OEM or OEM replacement with OEM design. Gears may be locked must use stock unaltered ring gear carrier may weld or use bolt in locking blocks. No full spools, Detroit lockers or torque sensing devices.

 STEERING / DRIVER SEAT: Steering boxes must remain in stock location. Aftermarket steering wheel and quick release steering coupling are recommended. Quick steer boxes allowed.  NO part of driver seat may be no further back than 25” forward of center line of rear end housing.  No knobs, handles, or levers other than the gas pedal and brake pedal allowed for adjustment of carburetor, ignition timing, or brakes.

 RADIATORS: Any (1) radiator that fits in original location without any body modifications is allowed. Water pump mounted fans only, No electric fans.

 IGNITION: One 12 volt battery only must be mounted securely in rear of driver’s compartment or trunk area. No voltage generators in series with ignition system, voltage at distributor cannot be more than at battery (12) volts. One stock type distributor, module and coil in stock location only.  Ignitions on/off switch must be clearly marked. No traction control devices of any kind. No digital gauges or tachs.

 BRAKES:  May use any (1) one master cylinder.  Aftermarket pedal OK.  Must have at least 3 working brakes. Right front may be blocked. No bias adjustment, no electric or manual cut-off switches or valves allowed. Disc brakes allowed in rear No aluminum or composite rotors or calipers. Must use steel stock type rotors on rear disc. No lighting of components.

 TIRES AND WHEELS: 8” maximum wide wheels allowed, 15” diameter steel wheels only.  No bead locks or screws allowed.  Mud plugs and wheel covers allowed ONLY on the right rear.  Wheel cover must be plastic, be bolted, no Dzus fasteners, the ring that holds the wheel cover must be welded to the wheel in at least three places. NO bleed-off valves. Must run 1” steel lug nuts. Approved unaltered Hoosier asphalt F45 pull offs only.  Must durometer 60 or higher.  Subject to inspection any time before or after the race.  No grooving, siping, softening, needling, metal grinding disc, treating, softening, or wrapping in plastic allowed.  Deglazing with sand paper disc ONLY allowed, but cannot leave any grinding marks and is subject to inspection before or after race.

 WEIGHT: Weight may be securely added in trunk or under the hood, but not in plain view or within the driver’s compartment must be painted white with car number. Car must weigh minimum 3000 lbs. with driver after race.

Aluminum bodies add 50lbs. in front of motor.

 COURTESY RULE: Any car with “minor” rule infractions will be allowed to race (1) event. Must be determined before the race. Cars with infractions are subject to weight penalty.


 ENGINE CLAIMING RULES: Any driver in the same race on the lead lap may claim one of the top three finishers immediately after the “A” feature in the tech area with money in hand.

 (A) $500.00 and swap claim on engines.

 (B) Claim does not include – Flywheel, clutch/assembly, bell housing, breathers, carburetor, starter, motor mounts, oil/temp sending units, water pump, fan, pulleys, dip stick, distributor, wires, water outlet/restrictor, fuel pump, fuel pump plate/rod.

 (C) Driver may NOT claim another driver finishing in a position behind them and may not successfully claim the same driver more than once per calendar year.


The official claiming area is in the tech area, or wherever track designates. Claim must be made immediately after the “A” feature race finishes (checkered flag). Only the driver may make the claim. Driver must have money. The claiming driver must be on the same lap as the driver being claimed. Only the top three cars may be claimed by another driver. A driver can claim another driver’s multiple claims on the same carburetor, distributor, or shock, a draw will be held with claiming drivers to determine who gets claim. Refusal to sell will forfeit all cash, trophies, and points for the night. If claim is refused, claim is NOT held against driver who made claim.

Carburetor claim $200.00 and swap, Shock or Spring claim $20.00 each and swap, Distributor claim $100.00 and swap.

 PROTEST RULE: Any driver in the same race on the lead lap may protest another car immediately after feature in the tech area. $250.00 cash per component $50.00 to the track, if legal protested car gets $200.00 if illegal protestor gets $200.00 back.

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