Hey guys! DKP is starting a new rewards program!…

Hey guys! DKP is starting a new rewards program!

We will be selling stickers of our logo for $10 each (a 6×6 sticker).

Each week we will do a drawing/random selection for anyone who is spotted with our sticker on your race car.

You will win 2 free digital images (without my giant watermark) and 2 free 4×6 prints of your choice.

We will have white and black on hand, for any other specific colors, just ask! You can purchase your sticker at the track directly or by messaging the DKP Facebook page.

Each weeks drawing winner will be announced on our Facebook page when each weeks gallery is posted.

Anyone who messages me before noon on Saturday and picks up their sticker this weekend, will be entered into our kickoff drawing in which we will draw 2 winners instead of just 1.

We also will begin selling composite images like the one below. For more information on either of these things, just ask!🏁

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