Have had a lot of inquiries about the POWERWHEEL RACES TONIGHT. Please see amen…

Have had a lot of inquiries about the POWERWHEEL RACES TONIGHT. Please see amended rules below – we are allowing all power wheels but still have to meet the battery requirements.

Kids POWER WHEEL RACES WILL BE DURING INTERMISSION. FREE for KIDS AGES 3-9 only. Must sign up before intermission at either at the general admission or the pit building. See rules below.

• All children must be accompanied by a legal parent or guardian. No Exceptions.
• Only two adults allowed – one (1) must be a legal parent or guardian permitted in the Pit Area/Track with the driver. All other family members, kids, and friends must be seated in the Grandstand Area. Races do take place on the track.
• Any regular electric Power Wheel is permitted.
• Power Wheel Racing is for children ages 3 – 9 years old.
• All Power Wheels must remain as they came from the store, motor must remain stock.
• Limited to a 6 or 12 volt Power Wheel only. The stock battery can be replaced with a 12 volt mower battery only.
• The battery can be positioned anywhere inside the car and covered, except the passenger seat.
• Doors and hoods are to be secured so they don’t come open.
• Seatbelts are not mandatory, but highly recommended.
• All drivers must wear approved safety helmets. Bicycle helmet will pass.
• If child gets out of the power wheel during event, that child is out of event.
• Rollover bars will be allowed, as long as, they don’t reinforce the power wheel.
• All power wheels must be set up like the manufacturer. No raising or lowering the front or rear of the power wheels.
• Legal Parent or Guardian must register child and sign a waiver for them and for the child. Power Wheels will be inspected before the derby.
Keep in mind this is for fun for the children! Trophy for first place will be given out in each age category.
Guardians and participants will gather 3 races before intermission at the GENERAL ADMISSION AREA OUTSIDE OF THE GATE. BRING WAIVERS AT THAT TIME FOR THE CHILD. THESE NEED TO BE READABLE.

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