Per Rick Saupp…….

Per Rick Saupp….

For the SSC Finale and 4th Annual Rabid Rundown. Currently at $200* to win feature with time still to have more added.


-$20 cash buy-in to enter the Rundown must be paid to SSC officials and opens immediately after drivers meeting, no buy-in permitted after first tuner/hornet heat race lines up in staging UNLESS it’s a rebuy due to DQs.

-USRA rules are enforced for Tuner feature. Class rules for Rundown

-All cars must enter staging with all safety gear. Strict safety rules enforced

-Candy Call at intermission

-no registration fees, paperwork may be required though

– no SSC related payouts made until AFTER conclusion of the Rundown

– if you have questions regarding the rules or format please contact me – Rick Saupp +1 (254) 592-5012.

– be safe, have fun

*Based on monies added to track regular pay. See SSC officials for non track facilitated payouts

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