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    1. How much you paying? Can I live in the hauler if I move down?

    2. Could I have more information on the position for director of children’s program?

    3. Try out the concession have cooked in restaurants and cafes for about 20 years

    4. Anyone doing the pit board?

    5. They want you to fill out for taxes you have to pay

    6. Danny Russell Debrick Debbie Regan Debrick

    7. Dustin Davidson Kelly Davidson

    8. Joe Spillman at 281 speedway will get the races in. If anyone needs a nice place to race.

    9. Well it sucks. But you cant beat mother nature. Theres always next week

    10. Hope ur happy Ronnie Miller

    11. Jesus is real !!!!! THANK YOU !!!!!

    12. Well shucks,,really looking forward to tonight.

    13. Hope it doesn’t sprinkle.

    14. Hows the go kart track looking for sunday ???

    15. Dang I better get stuff loaded. I was not expecting this

    16. Need to get down there ASAP and get some video work done!

    17. What????? Lol Chris Clark

    18. Boat races at big o speedway

    19. Really did the storm pass over cause its raining luke crazy

    20. Looks like it might be a mud racing tonight

    21. It came a gully washer here in chatfield

    22. I guess it can really rain in your front yard ,but not the back.

    23. Why would you post this knowing it’s raining out there’s guys loading up from hours away. I’m by no means bashing the track but guys come on I live 2 seconds from the track I’ve been getting calls and texts all morning asking how it looks over there

    24. Should have called it 2 hours ago

    25. They gripe when u call it to soon they gripe when u don’t people never happy

    26. Just blame it all on the tech man

    27. Common sense goes along way. At least they tried to get it in. If they would’ve called it earlier, people would complain cuz they didnt try. Come on people.

    28. Big O speedway, thank for trying.

    29. Yep Doug Jones where the Hell is the complaint department 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    30. When do you have kids race go carts again?

    31. What time does races star Thursday evening?

    32. Brad Martin Crystal Martin

    33. What time tomorrow night

    34. Jimmyjohn Glass Ricky Whitney

    35. Wish I could be there, but Im heading home. Have fun!

    36. Shelbie Estrada Terry Dumas

    37. Brandi Davis are yall going?

    38. This was expected. Yall have a great Easter as well

    39. No races next weekend the 18th

    40. Darn it. I’ll see you next weekend. Same time?

    41. Kipstoops@spiderman20s

    42. I don’t have one in mind I like them all just love racing

    43. And adding LSDCC dwarfs

    44. Can’t wait to get down there and get to work

    45. Jason Forester Tuff Forester Kevin Forester Dylan Dunbar Elizabeth Forester Holly Rupe-Barbour

    46. Great video clarity. Nice work!

    47. Big O What are the other classes you adding for the tour

    48. Rain next weekend also ! … 😞

    49. Badass! Thanks for the shout out yall!

    50. Got rid of the IMCA Southern Sport mods and bring in Northern sport mods

    51. Do yall have a young guns cage kart class

    52. Just out of curiosity, how much rain can the track handle to still say we are racing big o

    53. Kristy Burton Chamberlain

    54. One of these days, I’m gonna get down there and get some video work done. Weather must hate me!

    55. I promise y’all They tried……Fred put water on the track and was getting ready at 3 o’clock and not a drop of rain….

    56. Do the late models run three nights

    57. Taylor Downing Earl Downing Jr. Angie Downing

    58. Tell everyone
      Jeff Hammitt
      Jeff Toler
      Melvin Kemp
      Nate Dixon
      Greg Hammitt
      Cameron Cook
      Jason-Whitney Cook
      Devon Bowles
      Michael Bowles
      Gene M Keel
      Jordana Keel

    59. Shit i need a 4 cylinder

    60. Melvin Kemp lets go take it lol

    61. Gunna be rooting for him on Thursday at Grayson

    62. Jason Bearden bro you are crazy

    63. Chris Morris you have been doing great!!! Keep it up!!! I am amazed by you!!!
      Great talent!!!

    64. Praying for all affected.

    65. Praying for all affected 🙏

    66. Glad no one was hurt in the storms!

    67. Melvin Kemp u need one lol they rent them out let’s do it lol

    68. What determines the line up order for qualifying? Or is there one?

    69. Kaine Buckmeyer this is ennis

    70. Sonny Glass Ellis Pertuit

    71. Have everyone park up top. This is crazy.

    72. How tf could it rain out. Sounds to me like the track owner is too lazy to go work the dirt and give his supporters a place to race

    73. Jesse Meazell bring that thing to Ksp

    74. If the pits are to soft can we do anything to help them get packed in?

    75. I live 10min from track and this was my place on wednesday moring

    76. Cordell Secrest, Rafe Hickman,

    77. Tony Stevens Brian Nagy we’ve seen this before

    78. I thought he was just going for a swim.

    79. Good to see he has his boots on Lol

    80. So they will race on the go cart track on Friday nights are will they be on big track

    81. Is this 600 restrictors also?!

    82. Nothing special for the weekend

    83. Do we have to buy a license for one trip and what’s the pay out on sport mods

    84. Are super late models racing?

    85. Come on down you’ll like it Great racing good food.

    86. How much to register and race?

    87. This link does not work. And we can not see a barcode.

    88. Good job guys keep it up 👍👍

    89. You need to come see this these young men and women they are getting it done there bad fast.

    90. Awesome. Thanks for thinking of me. Love the flyer

    91. 85.00 to race. That’s a little high

    92. Whats the expected late model count??

    93. As much as I wanna race this is a good call.

    94. This is the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen. I assure you it will be just as hot next Saturday. And it was hot last Saturday. I try to believe in this place of getting better. But this is why people continue to leave this place. Again this is crazy. Canceling due to heat. Wow. Bad call

    95. Yes as much as I like being there with all the racers I have a hard time with the heat good call.

    96. Might as well cancel the rest of the summer.

    97. Randy Farrell. You really need to fix this. This isn’t good

    98. The only other time my wife can come and the ONLY time my son can come that’s in from the army. And now its cancelled

    99. Was always the place to be on the weekends bunch of rednecks having a great time. But now no coolers can be brought in. A end to a era. Sorry guys would love to see my friends race.

    100. Why would it be a class thst dont even have a full field, factory stocks are the only class at big O that has 20 cars

    101. What class cuz that’s the same weekend of Tms ??

    102. 10,000 pesos! 😁 That’s about 500 dollars for you rednecks that don’t know how to use Google currency convert.

    103. Spectators race🤦🏻‍♂️

    104. 10,000 hot dogs, 10,000 used race tires, 10,000 honey buns, come on spill it……….

    105. May want to proof read your fliers

    106. 🙄 why would y’all do something like this on the same weekend as one of, if not the biggest race in Texas? Doesn’t matter what class it is, really, the attendance will not be anywhere near what it could be.

    107. Guys, it’s 10,000 penny’s we should know that by now

    108. I don’t see this happening

    109. Forgot us again 🤷‍♀️ lol

    110. Congrats Michael Bowles

    111. That’s my uncle eugenes car 💖💖💖💖

    112. Its suppose to stop at some point before 3pm.

    113. Randy Farrell just posted a rain out notice on his Facebook.

    114. Is there someone there to get folks outta the pits now

    115. Korey Keimig and I Had car both cars all loaded up and ready to go down there. This blows. Working on the car from 5pm to midnight every day this week to make sure it was ready for this to happens really sucks.

    116. Y’all can race at Rpm tomorrow , come on over Jim

    117. Hard to get it in with all this rain. I really wanted to try this new setup. Till next weekend.

    118. BOOTHILL is open tonight…

    119. I would like to work at the track . I can’t afford a car but I love racing and I want to be a part of it .

    120. What’s the difference in southern sport mod and limited mod

    121. What does the pit pass price say

    122. I’m assuming it’s pennies since there is an asterisk sign next to it and look bottom left of flyer it shows* pennies

    123. Must had a lawyer draw it up

    124. They didn’t pay the full amount Saturday after promoting a $1,000 to win race!

      Be prepared to get screwed.

    125. Fun fact, my sportmod is a daily driver now.

    126. 10,000 dollar or dimes or nickel or penny’s

    127. I’d take that win in my camaro with Randall Harper tires on my car but I don’t want Ryan Miller too DQ me for vortec heads jk Ryan we still love you right James Ruyle

    128. Anybody got a limited modified that would let Lisa p r a t o r drive it if you want a winner just let me know

    129. Courtney Garrison will be there driving the 77c machine

    130. Who can I talk 2 about what I need 2 do 2 get started in the sport and get a car built and entered….Trying 2 find out if it’s even a possibility money wise….I’m wanting 2 build a bomber or a factory stock….any and all info would be greatly appreciated.

    131. Steven Hawkins I wonder if 86 could get any more articulation out of that? Lol

    132. I’m ready for the powder puff tomorrow night. I’ll be driving the #80 car of Gary Peters..thank you so much Gary

    133. I am ready for the powder puff tomorrow night. I will be driving the #80 car….
      Thank you so.much Gary Peters

    134. Can u have practice Sunday?

    135. Alright hear we got this is going to be a great weekend of racing hope to see you there.

    136. Racing Thursday and Friday at 7 but Saturday at 6 – is that what it says ?

    137. Yes it’s spring in Texas so hang in there. If we don’t get to much rain it’ll be good. I need to see some more racing.

    138. What time does it start

    139. So are y’all still letting tuners (adults) race since ur bringing hornets class back?

    140. And when we’re y’all planning on telling the tuner driver’s that’s already racing there like my uncle Eugene and other adults?

    141. Pit passes going be $35 all yr?

    142. Jordan Hammer. Let’s get it!

    143. We have more than we need, i can send some of you need it.

    144. Everyone headed to 105 now

    145. Thanks for giving it a shot

    146. Dam i was in Oklahoma,.back to Illinois we go!

    147. I called it …… told y’all it was coming

    148. Thought it was rained out 🤔

    149. I thought I saw all tracks were shut down by local government including ya’ll.

    150. Eddie Miner I’m down to test I know for sure we can get 5 or 6 people together. Find out how much and we’ll get together

    151. I’m.down for sure just need a set of 273 for 8.5

    152. Im down! Need all the practice I can get.

    153. How much per car need to test my Dwarf car???

    154. Drae Blanton🤣. I think this describes you getting in and out of the 2seater the other day!!!

    155. Very tuff between 4 and 9 lol

    156. Happy Easter to the Moons. Love you guys, have a good day.

    157. Happy Easter to y’all
      Have a blessed day

    158. Happy Easter God bless you all!!!!

    159. Give me just a min just woke up

    160. Can you run an adult class?

    161. Is it still on? What time?

    162. Jackie Hefti you taking Jett tonight

    163. Can you come watch in stands?

    164. Put on a super race and I bet Rusty Schlenk makes the trip!

    165. Andy Welch you coming!?

    166. They are actually racing ? Heck yea let’s gooooo !!!!!

    167. Payout for sprints $750 also?

    168. Not by Ellis County. No racing. If Texas motorplex can’t race then neither can big o. Andy Carter

    169. Wife is nagging me to death asking if the concession stand will be open? She has a crazy look in her eyes for some nachos.

    170. How much is it per person

    171. I would love to share this post with the Governors office as I wait for their response. Please keep posts uplifting and positive.

    172. This sport is so much more than going fast and turning left!! While we love the adrenaline, 3 wide, bump and run, .005 of a seconds wins at the line….we love the atmosphere, the trips, the people along the way! This sport is much more than a sport it’s a family!! We have made some fantastic memories over the years but more importantly it’s the family we have built while traveling to multiple states each year averaging 70 race nights per season!

    173. The race track is my extended family. It’s my happy place where I can watch a family sport and take pictures to capture those memories.

    174. Well , I’ll still do dirt track , nascar lost me a while back , so I’ll wait

    175. Good clean wholesome fun , love it , my grandson is trying to get in it , something we can do together , I support it , open up , let’s go racing !

    176. Very well put big o speedway

    177. We live more in a day then many of those petty scared people live in a lifetime.

    178. I love racing cuse it a always fun for family’s and I get to spend time and fellowship with friends I dont get to see on a daily basis

    179. Family friends fans and business!!! I was loaded and ready coming from New Mexico! I’m bummed to see this! I definitely look forward to going when y’all do open!

    180. We support you guys, and at a couple of us are very unhappy with the decision to shut you down.

    181. Dont get our freaking hope’s up like that again. If they’re gunna be assholes about everything just keep it closed till this passes.

    182. Rather be racing and hanging out with friends and family at the track.
      At least we know our kids are there being safe and not out doing drugs drinking and driving

    183. I understand everyones concern about this virus but I also know everyone’s ready to get back to what we consider normal life. The drivers put their heart and soul into their cars. Give them one night of normal and let them race. If need be make everyone wear mask! If anyone is that worried about it they always have the option to stay home! These small dirt tracks are where a lot of these racers build a bond with people they consider their extended family! I grew up going to dirt track races every Saturday night and my best childhood memories are from Saturday night racing! Don’t take that from these drivers and their families!

    184. People if your scared of a 99 percent stay home that is your freedom. That doesn’t give you the right to limit my freedoms!

    185. Damn it! We were about to come down from Missouri. I even knew of some from Colorado planning the trip down.

    186. I started racing almost 20 years ago and got out when my dad passed. I just recently got back into racing this past year with friends who have been at it since I left. My family and friends all love racing and we miss the time we have together at the track

    187. My dad and two uncle’s were dirt track pioneers in the 40s and early 50s, there is a article in Penthouse magazine , I seen one when I was stationed in Germany, in 1969 and 70, my son’s Mike Byrd Jr and Jeff Byrd,are racing at big O Speedway,it’s a addiction that can’t be broken and I would rather them be at a race track than in a bar or crack or drug house, just my opinion, let’s go racing, third generation #72 to the front!!!!

    188. And this isn’t just for Big O. Not for us. Team V8. Its for all tracks. All businesses. We are sinking. Racing is a business for us as well.

    189. Racing is so much fun idk why the people want to take that away from us i like going every Saturday to the races its so much fun i have customers that race out there.

    190. This is a sport my whole family comes together to watch plus i enjoy racing on a track so i dont get in trouble for playing in the streets. Its no other feeling like a track full of cars flying past u screaming lets go from their motors

    191. Been in a few a lot worse than that. Vivian Louisiana

    192. Your accommodations are better.

    193. Motel 6 Tulsa Oklahoma, last room available had no door handle or lock and people were all around hotel doing their meanness, 9mm and chair against door i was fine

    194. Hell this is the hotel in Tulsa!! Except this probably has hot water, light bulbs and a head board that stayed on the wall 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ Tristain Bryant

    195. Abilene has some pretty raunchy rooms too

    196. Isn’t that the truth. If you ever ate at Griffs on Buckner in Dallas your immune to Corona

    197. Is the stands open
      I would come from Houston but the 25% rule bothers me
      I might not get in

    198. Yes Sprint cars please!!! Non wing is good!!!! We have had tons of fun practicing!!!! Definitely a good thought Michael Day!!!

    199. Oh yea I’m ready to go racing

    200. Who do we get with on mod lites?

    201. Whats the payout for limited

    202. Stacy Kolar one of the best in the business. Y’all definitely scored big.

    203. My favorite photographer ❤️📸 always gets the best shots!

    204. Is there a limit on how many people per car ?

    205. B and C main… i like the sound of that.. gonna be some good racing tonight 🍻

    206. Can u get my 5 cars in for me

    207. What does factory stock and limited mods pay?

    208. I’ve a weathered eye on the radar 👌 we’re gunna run tonight if the forecast is good. Clear til tomorrow.

    209. Can’t wait About to be heading that way

    210. Ready for some Racin baby.

    211. Wow a promo picture with a car that you want even allow at the track any more

    212. Yes sorry for you if your not there it’s a great show

    213. i shared it becouse i think its funny

    214. i need 5000$ for the rights to use our car on this ….. we was asked not to come race at big O speedway but you want to use “use” to promote…

    215. Rob Mills let’s go visit

    216. We are going to Vivian

    217. How many litters has she had

    218. How long is the track open for tonight?

    219. Get that thing ready for the STSS big small block modifieds.

    220. So no regular limiteds this weekend?

    221. Is it always thin racing on Friday night’s

    222. Sport mods running this weekend??

    223. Are y’all still racing tonight

    224. You could have called 2 hours ago so that people didn’t have waste tow money.

    225. We will be there tonight!

    226. Does the pit pass include general admission? Or you pay for both?

    227. Watching in Gun barrel city

    228. What time does the racing start?

    229. # team Rawlinson. 😍🤩

    230. Ready for some thunder cars

    231. I missed it how many classes are you having tonight

    232. We would love to go!!! We’ve never been to the track but have always wanted to go.

    233. Congratulations to all the winners

    234. How many trucks are you expecting

    235. I seen that. Uugghh 🙄🙄

    236. I had a friend request too.

    237. So…. What do I do with all of these tickets I won? Lol

    238. I got a friend request from y’all, figured y’all were hacked

    239. Bandit. Dollar tree in Gun Barrel City

    240. BEST NIGHT EVER!! I have never ever been to a monster truck show. This was one of the best times of my life!! My favorite track… favorite people and 0f course the win from my boo🥰👏👏👏

    241. Thank y’all for having me out. I had a great time with all the kids and meeting a ton of new people!

    242. Does that include leaving the enclosed trailer in the pits?

    243. Finally posted a real track flyer 👀

    244. Did you charge them for this advertisement?

    245. Remember to set your clocks an hour ahead tonight!!

    246. Starting this weekend or next weekend?

    247. Mullet restriction plates

    248. Friday and Saturday nights

    249. Can we get a run order please

    250. We’re coming and bringing our crew from waco.

    251. Thunders running September 10th or wat ???

    252. We are coming for our 1st time for my daughter to race the Hornet class.

    253. 6 or less races in a lifetime or over a certain amount of time?

    254. It sucks y’all run the same weekend as Tom’s

    255. No tire rule or motor rule?

    256. Hey Lance Hanson Jr. Go take that $$$ factory I stock

    257. How much to get in? Also what time does it start

    258. Glad a track is bringing this back. Some tracks did it all the time back in the day and even the powder puff races and kids bike races. That’s awesome!!

    259. Can we buy tickets at the track?

    260. Enjoyed getting to race in the crown vics

    261. The whole show was awsome

    262. What rules are in the outlaw factory stock

    263. Any chance Tuners could come out

    264. Debra Rhodes … Butch Norris … Lynn Sizemore

    265. Will there be some next season to rent

    266. Wait, are you saying I can come out there, rent one of your cars and race????

    267. I just tried calling the number, the nice gentleman seemed confused and said he was not the one with the information, and directed me to Direct message the Page. I am have sent a DM and am also posting g here as I am very interested in renting a crown vic for this weekends race.

    268. Are y’all not going to run USRA factory stocks again this year?

    269. I was looking forward to racing the Crown Vics

    270. Explain the voucher please.