We have been told we cannot race Saturday. After a strong fight and paperwork to overturn a decision made by the Ellis County Judge. We have a certain people to thank that hampered this ability. Be nice when racers, fans, other tracks (jealousy, want to capture the fans and racers for their benefit) and general public would stop destroying a foundation of Americana. America is being destroyed of its foundation in chunks in so many areas. I get there has been improvements along the way and that is great too. But some things don’t need to suffer along the way. It’s up to the people to fight for what is right and the politicians as well. I reiterate to all those that think it’s ok to be closed – those that attend racetracks know the risks every time they enter the property. COVID-19 is not any different! Yes, they think for themselves and make decisions. They know the risks and dangers, but they still come. Why you may ask? Ask a racer or/and a fan…. please post why you love the sport in comments to show the general public why this sport is loved!🏁.

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  1. I would love to share this post with the Governors office as I wait for their response. Please keep posts uplifting and positive.

  2. This sport is so much more than going fast and turning left!! While we love the adrenaline, 3 wide, bump and run, .005 of a seconds wins at the line….we love the atmosphere, the trips, the people along the way! This sport is much more than a sport it’s a family!! We have made some fantastic memories over the years but more importantly it’s the family we have built while traveling to multiple states each year averaging 70 race nights per season!

  3. The race track is my extended family. It’s my happy place where I can watch a family sport and take pictures to capture those memories.

  4. Well , I’ll still do dirt track , nascar lost me a while back , so I’ll wait

  5. Good clean wholesome fun , love it , my grandson is trying to get in it , something we can do together , I support it , open up , let’s go racing !

  6. Very well put big o speedway

  7. We live more in a day then many of those petty scared people live in a lifetime.

  8. I love racing cuse it a always fun for family’s and I get to spend time and fellowship with friends I dont get to see on a daily basis

  9. Family friends fans and business!!! I was loaded and ready coming from New Mexico! I’m bummed to see this! I definitely look forward to going when y’all do open!

  10. We support you guys, and at a couple of us are very unhappy with the decision to shut you down.

  11. Dont get our freaking hope’s up like that again. If they’re gunna be assholes about everything just keep it closed till this passes.

  12. Rather be racing and hanging out with friends and family at the track.
    At least we know our kids are there being safe and not out doing drugs drinking and driving

  13. I understand everyones concern about this virus but I also know everyone’s ready to get back to what we consider normal life. The drivers put their heart and soul into their cars. Give them one night of normal and let them race. If need be make everyone wear mask! If anyone is that worried about it they always have the option to stay home! These small dirt tracks are where a lot of these racers build a bond with people they consider their extended family! I grew up going to dirt track races every Saturday night and my best childhood memories are from Saturday night racing! Don’t take that from these drivers and their families!

  14. People if your scared of a 99 percent stay home that is your freedom. That doesn’t give you the right to limit my freedoms!

  15. Damn it! We were about to come down from Missouri. I even knew of some from Colorado planning the trip down.

  16. I started racing almost 20 years ago and got out when my dad passed. I just recently got back into racing this past year with friends who have been at it since I left. My family and friends all love racing and we miss the time we have together at the track

  17. My dad and two uncle’s were dirt track pioneers in the 40s and early 50s, there is a article in Penthouse magazine , I seen one when I was stationed in Germany, in 1969 and 70, my son’s Mike Byrd Jr and Jeff Byrd,are racing at big O Speedway,it’s a addiction that can’t be broken and I would rather them be at a race track than in a bar or crack or drug house, just my opinion, let’s go racing, third generation #72 to the front!!!!

  18. And this isn’t just for Big O. Not for us. Team V8. Its for all tracks. All businesses. We are sinking. Racing is a business for us as well.

  19. Racing is so much fun idk why the people want to take that away from us i like going every Saturday to the races its so much fun i have customers that race out there.

  20. This is a sport my whole family comes together to watch plus i enjoy racing on a track so i dont get in trouble for playing in the streets. Its no other feeling like a track full of cars flying past u screaming lets go from their motors