10,000 TO WIN SEPTEMBER 14th!…

10,000 TO WIN SEPTEMBER 14th!

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  1. What class cuz that’s the same weekend of Tms ??

  2. 10,000 pesos! 😁 That’s about 500 dollars for you rednecks that don’t know how to use Google currency convert.

  3. Spectators race🤦🏻‍♂️

  4. 10,000 hot dogs, 10,000 used race tires, 10,000 honey buns, come on spill it……….

  5. 🙄 why would y’all do something like this on the same weekend as one of, if not the biggest race in Texas? Doesn’t matter what class it is, really, the attendance will not be anywhere near what it could be.

  6. Guys, it’s 10,000 penny’s we should know that by now

  7. I don’t see this happening